Raising Funds For Space Balloon Missions

So there is a constant problem in the aerospace community, which is finding funds for unique space related projects. Our sister company SpaceLaunchUP.com can help. Space Launch Up is a funding platform for anything space related that aids in creating a peaceful spacefaring civilization. At Space Launch UP our community of citizens, scientists, engineers and educators get to  fund astronautical engineering related projects they want to see.

The website is very easy navigate first register and make a free account. Next you all you do is a launch a funding campaign. If you are new to crowdfunding, no worries just describe the AstroWhale mission you are trying to fund and decide on perks you want to give people for supporting the project. The way crowdfunding works is that a large group of people support the project in exchange for some gift or perk associated with the project.

AstroWhale Mission 1 was funded via Space Launch Up, so you can use our funding campaign as a guide.